SIParCS 2020 - Skylar Neuendorff

Skylar Neuendorff

Skylar Neuendorff, Rice University

Formatting Fortran in the ROSE Compiler

Recorded Talk

The ROSE Compiler is a source-to-source infrastructure for analyzing and transforming programs. One of the tools that the compiler can be used for is analyzing and translating Fortran programs into C. However, in its current state the ROSE compiler fails to preserve good formatting of Fortran files, making the translated/compiled files difficult to read. My work this summer was to build upon the work of previous interns to improve the ability of ROSE to compile and translate Fortran programs by examining the compiler and working to rewrite parts of the ROSE backend to preserve formatting when the ROSE Compiler parses through Fortran files. While not complete, the work this summer is a stepping stone towards making a Fortran-Aware ROSE backend that is able to effectively parse through Fortran code without losing the original formatting of the unparsed files. 

Mentors: Dan Nagle, Davide del Vento