CISL/CGD Joint Seminar: Transforming to Open Science: how NASA is adopting and enabling open science practices

Aug. 3, 2023

11:00 am – 12:00 pm MDT

Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room and Virtual

Speaker: Dr. Paige Martin, NASA



NASA’s Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission aims to accelerate the adoption of open science via community engagement. A 5-year project, TOPS is kicking off with a Year of Open Science this year, focusing on developing an introductory open science curriculum and promoting open science across numerous scientific conferences within the US. Alongside community engagement, NASA is actively working on the policy, funding, and infrastructure to support and enable open and inclusive science through the Open Source Science Initiative.

In addition to an overview of NASA/TOPS activities, this talk will cover two primary topics:

  1. Open science communities: I will showcase some of the NASA efforts on engaging and broadening the open science community.
  2. Open science infrastructure: I will discuss ongoing NASA plans regarding data and compute resources, including the migration of many datasets to the cloud


Paige is a Program Scientist with NASA’s Transform to Open Science (TOPS) Initiative in the Chief Science Data Office. She envisions a future with inclusive, transparent, and robust scientific research, and believes that open science frameworks are the best tools to achieve this vision. She did her PhD in physical oceanography at the University of Michigan and her Postdoc in climate data science at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory. She has years of scientific and technical expertise in large-scale data analysis, open-source software, and cloud computing. In addition, she has helped lead open science communities, including running hackweeks and capacity sharing activities in multiple countries, and also enjoys doing musical theater and singing about science.


*This event is for NCAR/UCAR/UCP staff only. For employees, add this event to your calendar