WSST Staff

To contact WSST staff, please always submit a help ticket first unless the need for help is urgent or an emergency.

Erin McDaniel-Small, Systems Administrator/Group Head
Phone: 303-497-8846
Email Erin

Gail Rutledge, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 303-497-1267
Email Joan

Tom Seving, Systems Administrator
Phone: 303-497-1821
Email Tom

Justin Galimore, Systems Administrator
Phone: 303-497-1808
Email Justin

Clint Olsen, Help Desk Student Assistant
Phone: 303-497-1274
Email Clint

**In addition, WSST has a group hotline that should only be used for urgent and emergeny issues. Please refrain
from using the hotline for normal work requests. 303-497-2446