Hardware Provided by WSST


WSST strives to provide the most up-to-date, proven desktop technologies to all CISL supported users. The CISL front office has set up an account for WSST specifically for certain hardware purchases within reasonable cost. If upgrades to the machines WSST offers need to be made, the requesting user's section will need to provide funds from their section account for these upgrades.

A homogenous hardware environment is provided to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce inconsistent support due to multiple brands
  • Provide common user education and support documentation
  • Reduce setups from weeks to days
  • Improve security through automation

New machines are purchased for all CISL supported users every 4 years and each user is allowed one system*. These policies are in place to:

  • Keep hardware up-to-date to run and maintain current operating systems and software
  • Create a spare pool for visitors, workshops, SiPARCS, SOARS
  • Provide timely and quality desktop and software application support
  • Simplify backup procedures
  • Reduce energy consumption and therefore power costs and CO2 emissions

In addtion to providing systems, below you will find a list of other hardware WSST will provide. If specific hardware is not listed, assume it is not provided by WSST and will need to be purchased by WSST using a different account you provide. If in doubt, always ask.

Hardware WSST Provides

  • Dell brand laptops and desktops
  • Apple brand laptops
  • Dell brand monitors. ***
  • Batteries (for laptops and current battery not holding charge)**
  • Docking stations**
  • Hard drives (Backups for Self Admin'd systems)**
  • Headsets**
  • Keyboard (basic wired and ergonomic)**
  • Mice (basic wired)**
  • Monitor risers with docking stations (if in stock)
  • Power supplies (if spares in stock)**
  • Surge protection
  • USB hubs**
  • Web Cams**

    ** Indicates no more than 1 per user unless purchased by section.  Replaced on an as needed basis due to technical issues.

          *** Indicates no more than 1 or 2-24" Dell's or 1-27" Dell for primary system in the office.  As of June 2016, Apple no longer makes Thunderbolt displays or any other monitor option.

Hardware WSST Does Not Provide

  • Airline/travel adapters
  • Desktop printers (printers not shared with all users)
  • Laptop cooling pads
  • Scanners
  • Speakers
  • Uniterruptible Power Supplies (UPS units)
  • USB portable datasticks/thumbdrives

NOTE: Additional systems can be provided and will need to be purchased with funds from the requesting section if a written justification for an additional system is approved by your manager and all the way up the management chain through the CISL lab director. No exceptions. In addition, if a new machine is needed sooner then 4 years, a written request approved through the division director and ultimately the lab director needs to approved based on the position need, not the user need. If a staff member has more than one computer, generally the laptop WSST provided and purchased will be considered the primary machine and the other system will always need to be purchased with funds from the requesting section.