2018 Bulk Order

June 17, 2018

Hi All,
It's that time of year again to gear up for a bulk order of systems. We
are asking the administrative staff to coordinate with their section staff listed in the
spreadsheets to update the sheets so we can purchase when the time comes. The
bulk order is in place to replace older systems that are no longer under
warranty. This in turn keeps hardware on a reasonable upgrade schedule
and creates a pool of older systems that are still useful for visitors,
colloquiums, and students. More information can be found here:

As you know, CISL has a single computer per user policy that is enforced
all the way up to the CISL director. Therefore a user needing multiple
machines needs to provide a justification for more than one machine all
the way up the management chain and it must be approved at all levels.
The policy can be viewed here:

Spreadsheets listing which systems are up for renewal are done by section and will be shared with you through G Suite.
There is a justification column listed which means that the user needs to provide a justification for multiple machines and have it approved all the way up the management chain. Please update these spreadsheets with your staff systems requests.

WSST has compiled a list of systems that are top quality and configured
to last the four years a user will use the machine. Users should choose
a system from the following catalogs:
Dell Order Book
Apple Order Book

Operating Systems:

WSST will supply the latest operating system to each Windows, Linux, and Apple environment.  For FY18, this will be Windows 10 for Windows systems, CentOS 7 for Linux systems, and High Sierra or newer OS for Apple systems depending on Apple's release dates.


We do not plan to purchase a monitor for each workstation or user. We
are assuming the user is OK with the monitor they currently have. If a
user decides they would like a new monitor regardless of whether they have a Mac or Dell system, one or two Dell 24" monitors or one Dell 27" monitor will be purchased for them by CISL (unless your system funds come from a different account).

WSST does provide some hardware. To view this hardware, please see the
following page:

Other than laptops and desktops which are on a replacement cycle, we only replace WSST provided hardware if it is malfunctioning.  Any additional hardware or peripherals that a user needs not provided by WSST will need to be purchased by the users section using an account key provided by the section administrative assistant.


If a staff member is not due for a replacement system, but finds that their computer is not performing at the level their work requires, we can purchase a system for them. This request needs to come from the staff members supervisor indicating that their current computer is indeed impacting their work day.

The bulk order coincides closely with the end of the fiscal year. In
order to purchase and receive the systems in time we need to follow the
following schedule:
All requests and decisions finalized by 7/3/2018
Order to be placed the following two weeks.
Systems need to arrive by 9/28/2018

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.