Data Backup and Recovery

Apple, Windows, and Linux Clients

DMOS uses Crashplan software as it's backup client for all DMOS supported desktop systems.  Crashplan works both internally and externally as long as your system is powered on and has a network connection. The default client software runs a full backup of the staff member’s home directory (/Users/$username, /home/$username) upon installation. The first backup will always take the longest. After the initial first backup, the staff member’s system will check in with the master server every 4 hours and incrementally update any changed files. A user can expect to restore a constantly changing file every 4 hours for up to a week. Meaning you can go back in time in 4 hour increments for a week to get many versions of the file. After 1 week, a user can expect to get the last backed up changed version of the file each day up to 90 days. No file versions older than 90 will be kept, but the final copy of the file itself will remain in backups. In addition, if a staff member deletes a file, it will be recoverable for 90 days.


If a staff member loses their hard drive, or deletes a file and needs to do a restore via Crashplan, that staff member can either contact a DMOS staff member or do the restore on their own. See the FAQ on Crashplan: Crashplan Setup and Restore


Despite the backup procedures that DMOS has in place, please always use caution when you choose to delete a file or folder. If your system is not being backed up and want it to be, submit a work request for DMOS.

 **All retention times are subject to change.