Virus Protection

DMOS is constantly in the process of keeping computers up-to-date with the most recent security patches and virus protection software. E-mail viruses have posed much less of a threat since the implementation of Google in addition with Symantec Endpoint Protection installed on CISL Windows desktops.

The UCAR Computer Security Advisory Committee (CSAC) is a committee dedicated to securing the organization's computers and networks. As updates on new virus attacks occur, these security administrators, in addition to UCAR's security team, administer alerts to NCAR/UCAR system administrators. These have given DMOS adequate time to ward-off virus attacks.

DMOS has a dedicated server which automatically logs any virus infections and warns DMOS staff immediately via e-mail. Each anti-virus client also performs weekly a scan and updates automatically with new virus definition files. Real-time scans are also enabled to catch viruses faster.

There are certain precautions DMOS can take to protect your computer, but every computer user must also be educated to the risks of virus infection and the behaviors that invite viruses into your machine. Your password should never be sent in an email or through an Extraview ticket; DMOS will never ask you for this information except in person or over the phone.  Never open an e-mail attachment from someone you do not recognize. If in doubt, please ask.