Starting Casper Jobs with PBS Pro

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The CISL Consulting Services Group presented this tutorial in March 2021 to help Casper users transition from the Slurm scheduler to PBS Pro. Users who have experience with PBS on Cheyenne also were encouraged to attend as well, as there are a few differences between the PBS deployments on each system.

The topics covered include:

  • Batch and interactive scheduling with qsub, qsubcasper, execcasper, and JupyterHub
  • Starting remote desktops with vncmgr
  • Optimal use of resource requests to provision CPUs, GPUs, and memory
  • Types of PBS jobs and usage limits
  • Querying job data using qstat and qhist

Download Slides (PDF).

Please note: Incorrect custom flags were given for execcasper on Slide 8 during the live, recorded presentation. The arguments have been corrected in this copy of the slide presentation. We apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.