Web hosting

The WEG maintains a frontend cluster of Apache, Ngninx and Tomcat web servers as well as a backend cluster that runs databases and other services. Following is a list of the standard services you get when requesting your own WEG-hosted web site.

Your own web server You get your own virtual web host with customized domain name, eg. www.myname.ucar.edu.
Web publishing server A directory on webpub.ucar.edu which can be accessed via ssh or sftp to manage your web site.
10 GB disk space Each group can have up to 10 GB disk space before making a request to the WEG for more resources.
Network bandwidth Bandwidth is virtually unlimited.
Nightly backup All sites are automatically backed up to MSS on a nightly basis. Incremental backups enable rollback to a specific date.
High availability Our web hosting infrastructure is available 24x7x365. We use load balancers and clusters to minimize outages even if a server goes down.
World-class monitoring We monitor our web services every 5 minutes from several places around the world. We are paged immediately if a problem is found.
Multiple user accounts WEG customers can request numerous web developer accounts on webpub.ucar.edu to maintain and manage their web site.
Web authentication WEG servers automatically invoke UCAS authentication for any URL that contains the word "internal", making authentication a snap. Basic Apache authentication is supported as well for non-UCAS users.
Server-side includes You can request Server-Side Includes (SSI) be enabled for your web site which are handy for storing all header, footer and navigation code in centralized files rather than on every page of your site.
Scripting webpub.ucar.edu supports shell scripting and cron.
Language support WEG web servers support numerous languages for CGI and web application development, including Perl, Hardened PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java. Developers are expected to build web security into their applications.
24x7 CISL Help Desk support WEG services are supported by the CISL Help Desk which is available 24x7 at extension 2400.