Test server

Mirroring the production clusters

The tweb Test Cluster replicates the WEG production environment as closely as possible so that web developers can test web sites and applications under development in a production-like setting while leaving their current live web sites undisturbed.

The Test Cluster will also enable us to test upgrades to Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, PHP, Drupal, and other server applications before they are launched into production to see if they impact our sites in any way.

How to access the test cluster

The Test Cluster serves content located on the WEG Publishing Server web.ucar.edu at /test and /cmstest. Use ssh, scp or sftp to move your content to webpub. To see your content served, add "test." in front of the URL of your production site.

Requesting New Sites

If you are developing a new site or application that the WEG does not already host, email us and provide as much detail as you can about how you would like your production environment configured including what languages you will be using (Java/JSP, PHP, Perl, Python, Server-Side Includes or simply HTML).

Java developers can send a request to webmaster@ucar.edu indicating which production Tomcat server hostname they would like a test instance for. Java developers will receive a login to the web-based Tomcat Manager application which enables WAR file deployment and control on the test cluster.