Software Version Control

The Web Engineering Group provides a software version control service using the popular Subversion software. Subversion repositories can hold one or more codebases and provide the full feature set of CVS along with numerous new features.

  • This service is available to the NCAR/UCAR community and its external collaborators.
  • Repositories can be used to manage software codebases, web applications, or website files. This service is NOT intended to be used as a general file server, production web server, or large dataset repository.
  • For projects with storage needs over 10 GB, a chargeback fee may apply.
  • Repositories can be set for anonymous access or restricted to specific Subversion accounts and groups.
  • Repositories are backed up on a nightly basis.

Repository Access

There are several ways to access

  1. Web browser – go to to browse anonymous repositories. External users can access This web browsing capability is for perusing a codebase and is NOT to be used to serve a production website.
  2. Subversion client – to fully interact with Subversion, you will need to use the command line client. It is installed at which is available via ssh for anyone who already has an account on the WEG publishing server at After logging into webtest, type svn help to see a list of commands. Alternatively, you can run a Subversion client on your own workstation or server.
  3. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans have Subversion plugins which provide interfaces for interacting with Subversion. You might also be interested in this GUI client comparison.

Requesting a Repository

In order to start using the WEG Subversion server for your software project, submit a work request to the CISL Help Desk. By default, new Subversion repositories are set with certain permissions outlined below. Please provide answers to the following questions in your request.

  • Does your group already have an existing Subversion repository on If not, what repository name would make sense to hold all your software projects?
  • By default, repositories are set up to allow anonymous read-only access for users connected to the UCAR network in order to encourage an open source culture of transparency and code sharing at UCAR. If you want your repository to also allow access to external collaborators, you need to specifically request that the WEG set up a proxy to your repository. If your project has privacy concerns, anonymous read-only access can be turned off for all users for an entire repository or portions of the repository.
  • What usernames you would like to have write access to your directory (passwords will be provided by WEG staff)?
  • What name would you like for your project which will appear in the URL?

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