Proxy server

Web Proxy

Proxying external users to internal servers

The web proxy service is available to any group that wants to keep a web server they maintain themself on the internal network and yet allow external users access to their web server. The benefit here is that by keeping the web server internal, it is protected by the UCAR security perimeter. Instead of exposing the server and increasing it's potential attack surface for hackers, we simply proxy http and/or https requests from external users to the internal web server.

Authenticated Web Proxy

In addition to simple proxying of http requests, the WEG can set up an authenticated web proxy that requires all external users to provide a UCAS password to access a web server. This service also encrypts all data on the external network.


EZProxy is a web application used to extend proxy access to specific content hosted by publishers that UCAR has subscriptions to. The NCAR Library uses the WEG's EZProxy service to enable UCAR staff to view journal subscriptions and other publications hosted outside of UCAR. The service has also been used to legally extend access to journal subscriptions to collaborators in third world countries.