MySQL Database

MySQL is one of the world's most popular open source relational databases. Using a database backend, you can make your web site more dynamic and reduce duplication of data across pages. Several WEG applications use MySQL, including People Search, Opinio, Confluence, and VAVOOM which powers the UCAR and CISL web sites.

You can request your own MySQL account and database by submitting a work request.

Interacting with the database


MySQL has a rich command-line interface which you can use after logging into via ssh. Full documentation is available on the website.

GUI administration

phpMyAdmin is a web-based administration interface for mySQL that is hosted by the WEG. It enables you to create database tables and add data using a web browser.

There are several excellent freeware and shareware desktop applications available which provide even better GUI interfaces to MySQL database administration and development.

GUI Clients Platform
Navicat Mac, Linux, Windows (WEG's favorite MySQL client)
 MySQL Workbench Mac, Linux, Windows
SequelPro Mac OS X