Drupal CMS Hosting

DrupalDrupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that was selected as NCAR and UCAR's official CMS by the Web Advisory Group. It is intended primarily for creating public-facing websites that need a refined look. This is achieved using Drupal's extensive theming capabilities which enable web developers to create a custom look and feel for their website. WEG-hosted Drupal sites include a template site which includes the UCAR/NCAR Atmos theme as a starting point for development. Drupal also includes a vast ecosystem of modules that do just about anything you can imagine including creating sites with community-building features.

The WEG hosts Drupal using a stack of services which help increase the security and stability of Drupal. Hardened-PHP, also known as Suhosin, patches security vulnerabilities in the PHP language Drupal is written in.

drupal hosting software stackEach Drupal site is it's own standalone production and test instances of Drupal with a lightweight web server (nginx) running in a virtual server (Linux Vserver) running the Ubuntu Linux operating system. All of these layers provide separation between Drupal sites so that if one site becomes unstable for any reason, it will not affect others.

A Debian package management system enables the WEG to push out updates and security patches to all Drupal sites on a regular basis. The WEG updates Drupal core and the set of modules provided by the template site. Developers can install additional modules which they are responsible for keeping updated themselves.

Finally, cluster management provides for failover in the case of a serious hardware or software failure, switching sites on the failed server over to a working server.

See the list of UCAR Drupal Sites to see the cool things UCAR web developers are doing with Drupal.

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