Auth REST API provides an easy way for web developers to authenticate users of their applications against back end auth servers such as Kerberos and Radius OTP. The service also returns a user's first name and last name if the login and password are valid.

The API is designed and architected using REST architectural principles and constraints. REST is a lightweight web services approach that is easy for developers to use regardless of programming language. It requires only that you use HTTPS and JSON libraries for your language of choice. Code examples are available below for a variety of languages. See our Introduction to REST and RESTful web service for more background about REST.

To use Auth REST API, developers must read and sign the Auth REST API Terms of Use for each individual web application and send it to the CISL Help Desk at the Mesa Lab via interoffice mail or fax to 303-497-1840. The Web Engineering Group will then provide connection information including login and password for each individual application that connects to Auth REST API.

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