Software and Web Engineering Group

The WEG provides a full suite of web hosting services to NCAR, UCAR and UOP divisions and programs. In addition, the group develops and hosts web applications and databases which provide a broad benefit to UCAR.

Web hosting You get an Apache or Tomcat virtual host with your own domain name, 20 GB disk space, and nightly backup
Apache user authentication Protects internal UCAR web pages by requiring a UCAS password
Auth REST API An authentication web service for easy integration of UCAS and token authentication into applications
Drupal CMS hosting Your own virtual server running the Drupal content management system (CMS) and nginx web server
iOS Developer Accounts Request an Apple iOS Developer account for provisioning public or enterprise iOS apps developed by UCAR staff or consultants
Proxy server The WEG can proxy external users to internal web servers to provide greater security than making a web server an exposed host
Test server Testing environment that mimics the production web servers
Web Applications  
JIRA issue tracker Track bugs, issues and requests for software and web development projects or any other type of project
Notifier Subscribe to notifications about service downtimes, maintenance and change control
People Search Search the UCAR phone directory and manage staff information, including account requests and spam blocklist filtering
Web traffic statistics View web traffic statistics for any WEG-hosted site using AWStats, or prepare drill-down reports for requested sites with Google Analytics
Wiki (Confluence) Build web sites collaboratively with your team using the Confluence enterprise wiki.