NCAR Visualization Lab

The VisLab is a state-of-the-art scientific visualization environment, providing an immersive environment for visualizing complex datasets in stereo-3D and collaborating across sites via high-definition video teleconferencing.

Features include:

  • Large format, high-resolution screen
  • Stereo-3D projection system
  • High-bandwidth networking
  • High-definition video teleconferencing
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Wired and wireless desktop networking
  • Flexible media routing system that enables individual notebooks to feed into the room's display systems

Focus areas for the lab include:

  • High-performance visualization of large complex simulation datasets
  • Geographically distributed research and communication
  • Education and outreach to student, governmental, corporate, and scientific visitors
  • Immersive collaborative environments

The 1,000-square-foot facility supports video conferencing technologies, data analysis and visualization, and theater-style presentations in a widescreen, high-resolution, 3D format. The facility is equipped with a high-definition, 3D, 1920×1080-resolution, active stereo projector and a 12×7-foot screen that gives researchers the capability to visualize massive datasets and numerical models. This system displays imagery and presentation materials simultaneously from multiple sources including user laptops, digital media systems, and video conferencing platforms.

The VisLab can comfortably seat about 35 people for a boardroom-style meeting and a few more for a theater-style presentation, and is a completely "fly-by-wire" system: the computers, lights, and audio systems are all operated by a dedicated touchpad display or a web interface via a browser. VisLab events are managed by the Visualization & Enabling Technologies Section (VETS).