User Services Section

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The User Services Section (USS) works with CISL users, managing the processes by which they get access to CISL computing and storage resources, managing and supporting the user environment on those resources, and providing advanced computational consulting services.


USS manages the allocations process for the Climate Simulation Lab, university, and NCAR user communities. Our allocations pages provide details on the various opportunities that are available.

User support

USS coordinates efforts to review CISL's cross-cutting user support workflows from the users' perspective and ensure that they operate as efficiently and conveniently as possible. These cross-cutting areas include allocations; user creation and set-up; user-oriented monitoring; self-help and documentation; user support; and accounting.


  • David Flaherty
    Help Desk Technician
  • Emma Shaub
    Help Desk Technician
  • Shelby Williams
    Help Desk Technician
  • Michelle Smart
    User Support Spec
  • BJ Smith
    Writer/Editor III

Consulting Services Group

The Consulting Services Group (CSG) is part of the User Services Section. CSG focuses on assisting users of the high-performance computing facilities, including services for computation, data analysis, data post-processing, visualization, large-scale data sharing, and mass storage.


  • Richard Valent
    Casual - SW Eng/Prog III/IV
  • Dan Nagle
    Soft Eng/Prog II
  • Brian Vanderwende
    Soft Eng/Prog III
  • Davide Del Vento
    Soft Eng/Prog III
  • Rory Kelly
    Soft Eng/Prog III
  • Shiquan Su
    Soft Eng/Prog III
  • Mick Coady
    Soft Eng/Prog IV
  • Siddhartha Ghosh
    Soft Eng/Prog IV

Mission statement

The CSG team is dedicated to providing a world-class experience for users of NCAR’s supercomputers and storage systems and to helping them realize their scientific goals.

To achieve this goal we design and maintain the user environment; provide training, documentation, and advanced technical support; champion efficient workflows and software engineering best practices; serve as advocates for the users; and pursue activities and external collaborations that enhance the team's expertise.