Special request form

NCAR and CISL take great care to maintain a user environment and policies that provide fair access to our shared resources, but we realize that not every scientific effort can adapt to this environment.

To respond effectively and efficiently to requests that fall outside of our standard computing policies and services, we ask your assistance by providing information to better qualify and quantify these requests.


  1. Please answer the questions below, to the best of your ability, to help characterize your request.

  2. CISL will request a meeting with the technical point-of-contact if the request is complex and we need further information.

  3. CISL will assign a project liaison for complex projects. This person will coordinate the execution of any resulting plan.

  4. You are encouraged to update the information throughout the project.

Because NCAR’s high-performance systems tend to be fully utilized, accommodation of special requests likely will cause resources to be withdrawn from use by others. It is important that the requester understands the responsibility to ensure that resources allocated to special requests are used in as efficient and timely a manner as possible to reduce the impact on others, and to return those resources to broader use as early as possible.

Please remember that submission of a request does not guarantee approval. NCAR may not be able to accommodate all special requests.


Person with whom CISL staff should interact regarding this request.
Title of the project to which this request applies.
For existing projects, please provide your project code.
What can’t you do that you would like to do? Examples may include: Run jobs that are longer than standard queue limits; store data on disk that exceeds your current quota or for a longer duration than policy permits; request exception to security policies; conduct runs according to a specific timetable (large and/or recurring reservations).
What specific technical aspects of CISL’s standard computing policies, environment, or configurations are preventing you from completing your work? (It is necessary to elaborate only if this is not clear from your previous answer.)
Why should we make this exception for you? Please describe the technical or scientific reasons why you cannot accomplish your work within NCAR’s standard environment and policies. Note that inconvenience does not constitute a technical or scientific justification.
How do you propose that we should accommodate your request? Ideally, what solution allows us to balance your needs against the needs of all other users?