Requesting supplemental allocations and extensions

Review the section below that pertains to your allocation, then follow these steps if you want to request a supplemental award or extension:

  1. Log in to the NCAR Resource Allocation System.
  2. Select My Allocation Requests at the top of the page (image) and find the relevant request.
  3. Ask for a supplement or extension as needed. Include a detailed justification for your request.

University computing allocations

Supplement: Small allocation awards can be increased beyond the initial limit if you have demonstrated progress. Large allocation award recipients should submit supplemental requests to the next available meeting of the CISL HPC Advisory Panel for review.

Extension: Small allocation awards to graduate students and postdocs can be extended, within reason, to permit completion of a research project. Small and large allocation awards that are linked to NSF grants can be extended for a short time to complete a research project or if the end date of the NSF grant is extended.

Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) allocations

Supplement: Principal investigators with CSL allocations can submit requests for supplemental allocations. However, most available CSL core-hours are awarded by the CISL HPC Advisory Panel and, in most cases, large-scale supplemental requests cannot be accommodated.

Extension: Due to their usual 18-month duration, CSL allocation awards typically are not extended. If you believe extenuating circumstances warrant a short-term extension, include a detailed justification in your request. Significantly underutilizing your allocation is not considered an extenuating circumstance.