Special requests

Requesting a supplemental award | Requesting an extension

Project leads who are facing a deadline or are unable to complete their work within the standard NCAR environment and policies may make special requests for accommodations or variances to those policies.

Situations that might prompt such special requests could include large simulations that require many core-hours per day or time-critical work that must be completed within a short time frame.

To have your situation reviewed, submit the Special Request form.

Requesting a supplemental award

If completing a project requires additional resources over and above the allocation awarded by the relevant review panel, you may be able to request a supplemental allocation award.

University computing allocations

Small allocation awards can be increased beyond the initial limit if you have demonstrated progress. Send your request to alloc@ucar.edu. Large allocation award recipients should submit supplemental requests to the next available meeting of the CISL HPC Advisory Panel (CHAP) for review.

Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) allocations

Principal investigators with CSL allocations can submit requests for supplemental allocations to alloc@ucar.edu. However, most available CSL core-hours are awarded by the CSL Advisory Panel and, in most cases, large-scale supplemental requests cannot be accommodated.

Requesting an extension

If you need additional calendar time to use your original allocation award and complete your project, you can request an extension to your award term.

University computing allocations

Small allocation awards to graduate students and post-docs can be extended, within reason, to permit completion of a research project. Small and large allocation awards that are linked to NSF grants can be extended for a short time to complete a research project or if the end date of the NSF grant is extended (including no-cost extensions). Send your extension request to alloc@ucar.edu.

Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) allocations

Due to the usual 18-month duration of CSL allocations, these awards typically are not extended. If there are extenuating circumstances that you believe merit a short-term extension, please send your request and justification to alloc@ucar.edu.

Significantly underutilizing your allocation is not considered an extenuating circumstance.