File system and data storage resources

GLADE file spaces | Data storage resources

The tables below provide basic facts about the GLADE file spaces and two different resources for storing data:

  • NCAR Campaign Storage
  • High Performance Storage System (HPSS)

For more information, see GLADECampaign Storage, or HPSS.

GLADE file spaces

See GLADE File Spaces for detailed information on use and policies regarding those spaces.

The /glade directories are identified as /gpfs in some output (from pwd, for example). CISL recommends using /glade in pathnames, as it is less likely to change in the future.

File space Quota Backup Purge
25 GB Yes Not purged User home directory
Access: POSIX
10 TB No 90 days Temporary computational space
Access: POSIX
1 TB No Not purged User work space
Access: POSIX
N/A No 2 weeks Temporary computational space
Available by request to
Access: POSIX
N/A No 1 year Project space allocations (via allocation request)
Access: POSIX
NA No Not purged Curated collections
(CMIP, RDA, others)
Access: POSIX
GLADE system status report

Data storage resources

See Campaign Storage and HPSS for detailed information on use and data-retention policies.

System Quota Backup Purge policy Descriptions/Notices
Campaign Storage Per allocation No 5 years Storage or project data
Access: Globus & POSIX
HPSS Per allocation No Per allocation Tape archive for preservation of curated data sets
Access: Near-POSIX