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Cheyenne node and queue status | Casper node status
GLADE and Campaign Storage status | System maintenance | System news and updates

CISL informs users of system news and status updates such as scheduled maintenance periods through the Daily Bulletin and the Notifier service. See System news and updates below and read the latest Daily Bulletin here.

Also check the CISL HPC schedule to see when system downtimes, software releases, and new hardware installations are planned.

Cheyenne node status and queue activity

Casper node status and queue activity

V100 node status


GLADE file spaces and Campaign Storage

Individual files are removed from the /glade/scratch space automatically if they have not been accessed (for example: modified, read, or copied) in more than 120 days.

System maintenance

CISL makes every effort to perform routine maintenance without taking systems out of service. If downtime is required, routine system maintenance is performed during the times shown on the table below. Urgent updates are scheduled with as much advance notice as possible.

The schedule of planned downtimesis announced in the Daily Bulletin.


Time *




1st Tuesday, if needed



1st Tuesday, if needed



1st Tuesday, if needed




* Mountain time zone

System news and updates

CISL Daily Bulletin

You can read the "Daily B" online or in your email for reports on system news, changes to the CISL environment, and scheduled maintenance periods for major CISL resources. 

All new CISL email addresses ([your UCAR username] are added to the Daily B mailing list automatically. You can change your Daily B preferences, subscribe, or unsubscribe online here.

To submit items or information to the Daily B, contact


The Notifier service provides a near-real-time feed of system status changes and other updates, so it is the best way to learn about status changes, particularly unscheduled outages. You can also log in to check the calendar.

New users are subscribed automatically to the “CISL Status” Notifier list and receive notices about NCAR supercomputers, storage systems, and support services. The CISL User Services Section manages notices posted to the CISL Status list to ensure that they are relevant to users.

To fine-tune your Notifier subscriptions, log in to Notifier. Keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from all Notifier lists, you will not receive timely system status information. If you opt out of the CISL Status list, we strongly recommend subscribing to at least some of the following lists: Cheyenne, HPSS, and HPC Support Services. (Many other lists are targeted primarily at UCAR staff or UCAR system administrators.)