University - Small request


Requests for allocations are submitted and reviewed through the NCAR Resource Allocation System.

In general, fields on the form should be self-explanatory; the information below is provided to clarify what information is needed in some of the fields. You may find it helpful to keep this page open when completing the form.

Open the form.

Log in with your UCAR/NCAR username if you have one. Authenticate as you do to use the supercomputer.

Select Request Type

Is this a request for a new project or are you requesting the renewal of (or additional resources for) an existing project?

If this is a renewal, put your current CISL project code (e.g., UABC1234 or P12345678) in the "Request Number" field.

Request Information

Title: Enter the title of the project for which you are requesting an allocation.

Abstract: Type or paste in a brief, self-contained description of your project (or course). Requests for more than 50,000 core-hours should give details on numerical experiments.

Keywords: No keywords are needed, so you can leave this blank.

Fields of Science

Only one Field of Science is required. (Additional fields of science will be disregarded.)

Check the "Primary" box.

Related Personnel

Use this section to designate your project lead and project admin. There should be only one project lead and one project admin.

Enter a username, first name or last name in the “Search for people” field to find and select users or click “Create New User” to add someone who is not already in the system.

You will be able to add more users to the project after it has been created. Submit a request here.

Caution: Do not delete your own record if you are designated as a project lead or project admin without first giving yourself another role in the project, such as "user." If you delete yourself from your only assigned role, you will be unable to make additional changes.

Supporting Grants

An NSF award is required for standard university small allocation requests.

You may disregard all of the optional fields in this section.

Available Resources

Indicate the number of core-hours you are requesting for each computing resource.

If you are requesting CMIP Analysis Platform access, just check the box.


No supporting documents are required with a small allocation request. The fields marked with asterisks here are required only if you enter a Document Title.

Save To Date or Submit

Save the information you have entered so far, or submit your completed request.