Theme of the Year

An important part of IMAGe is our Theme-of-the-Year (TOY), a year-long focus on  an aspect of applied mathematics and the geosciences, designed to advance research and education between the mathematical and the geoscience communities. Typically our TOY sponsors a series of workshops or schools along with a visitor program, coordinates with NCAR science groups and partners with other mathematics institutes.

Propose an IMAGe Theme-of-the-Year

These guidelines explain how to propose a program sponsored through IMAGe. The Theme-of-the-Year (TOY) program currently forms a backbone for IMAGe outreach to the mathematical and geosciences communities. (See the vision statement below.) Typically the TOY is a yearlong focus on some aspect of applied mathematics and the geosciences, designed to advance research and education between the mathematical and the geosciences communities. Novel and innovative ideas for reaching mathematical scientists and engaging them on aspects of the large and challenging scientific problems related to understanding the Earth system are particularly encouraged. Ideally the TOY should also leverage and enrich the scientific programs within NCAR and include participation of the NCAR scientific staff.

Proposal contents

A proposal for a TOY should be made approximately 1 year in advance of the start date and should include:

  1. Title and an abstract describing how the activities fit into the overall goals of IMAGe (see below) and support the NCAR scientific mission. The time period over which the thematic activities will occur.
  2. Identify an external Co-director for the TOY and provisional membership of an organizing committee.
  3. Outline the TOY activities. Workshops and summer schools should include a short description of the mathematical and scientific content and the number of potential participants. Other novel and innovative activities are strongly encouraged but should be accompanied with an adequate description of their impact.
  4. Describe substantive connections of the TOY to groups outside of NCAR. These can include NSF mathematics Institutes, National Laboratories and university departments and Institutes.
  5. Explain how the TOY will be advertised and a plan for including members of underrepresented groups.
  6. Describe sources and/or opportunities for external funding and support.

Some notes

The proposal can be brief provided it covers each of the topics listed above. Although past TOYs have been built around workshops and schools other models are encouraged.
It is not necessary to outline activities completely. Please suggest potential senior participants and speakers but these people need not be confirmed at the proposal stage.

Please submit the proposal to the IMAGe director, Doug Nychka (nychka