Drupal Training Videos at Buildamodule.com

The WEG has purchased an annual subscription of 12 logins for Buildamodule.com's Drupal training videos. With over 200 video tutorials on a wide range of Drupal topics, this service should be a helpful resource for those of you working as Drupal developers when you need to get an overview of an area of Drupal or really dig into a certain module or topic.

To request a login, send an email to cislhelp@ucar.edu requesting access to Drupal training videos. After WEG staff adds your account, you will receive an email from Buildamodule.com inviting you to the service. You can keep using the login for 2 weeks or until WEG staff informs you they need to give the license seat to another person.

To get a feel for the video library, visit http://buildamodule.com

You can view any videos in blue and the grayed out videos will become available when you login with the account we send you after checking out a login.



UCAR Staff
CISL Staff