IMAGe-Theme of the Year


An important part of IMAGe is our Theme-of-the-Year (TOY), a year-long focus on an aspect of applied mathematics and the geosciences, designed to advance research and education between the mathematical and the geoscience communities. Typically our TOY sponsors a series of workshops or schools along with a visitor program, which coordinates with NCAR science groups and partners with other mathematics institutes.

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Theme for 2016

Extremes in Climate Sciences: A Statistical, Dynamical and Machine Learning Inquiry


Weather, climate and hydrologic extremes have always been of importance in human history. With our changing climate, there has been a growing research effort to understand, model and even predict extreme events at different time and spatial scales in atmospheric and hydrological sciences. High priority should be given to reducing uncertainty in the understanding of historical changes in extremes and to offer a mathematical framework that allows the study of the distribution of past and future extremes, under different scenarios for the later. This includes the development of improved and comprehensive observational records, the development of better mathematical mod- els and more powerful statistical techniques, the development and refinement of the understanding of the physical processes that produce extremes, and continued improvement in the ability to attribute causes to those changes.

Four topics dealing with extremes and climate science will be of particular interest of the TOY:

- D&A (Detection and Attribution)

- dynamical systems

- big data analysis

- as a mathematical basis, the field of probability and statistics, in particular Extreme Value Theory.