Software and Web Engineering Section

SWES provides a wide range of services, software and websites in support of NCAR, UCAR, UCP, and their labs and programs. For questions, inquiries or help, please visit the Staff Support site, or contact

Services SWES manages and maintains include:

Application and Web Services

  • AWS Services
  • Static Web Hosting (on internal servers, GitHub Pages, AWS S3)
  • Drupal Hosting (on Pantheon)
  • Application Hosting (Java, PHP, Rails, and other platforms)
  • Database Servers (MySql)
  • Proxy Server
  • Video Server

SAAS Services

Third-Party Software

  • Archiva (A Java Maven repository manager)
  • Confluence (Wiki spaces and knowledge base articles) 
  • Extraview (Issue tracking)
  • Git Server (Legacy internally-hosted git repositories)
  • HelpDesk and ServiceDesk (Ticketing and customer support)
  • Jira (Project management and issue tracking)
  • XD-Mod (Reporting for HPC allocations)

SWES develops, maintains, and supports the following software applications and websites:

Custom Software

  • ARG Tool (Appointment Review process management)
  • ASP Postdoc Applications (Application management)
  • AuthRest (Authentication server supporting CIT authentication)
  • Committee Tool (Internal committees managment)
  • GIS ClimateChange TDS Service (THREDDS Data Server)
  • HPCTV (Real-time visualization of HPC usage)
  • NCAR|UCAR Metrics Database (Employee and lab activity)
  • Notifier (Notification and calendaring system)
  • People (Staff, visitor, collaborator, and groups/alias database)
  • SAM (HPC accounting and reporting)
  • Staff Mobile (Mobile-friendly staff information)