Fields R package

Fields is a collection of programs for curve and function fitting with an emphasis on spatial data and spatial statistics.

The major methods implemented include cubic and thin plate splines, universal Kriging and Kriging for large data sets. One main feature is any covariance function implemented in R code can be used for spatial prediction. Another important feature is that fields will take advantage of compactly supported covariance functions in a seamless way through the spam package. See library( help=fields) for a listing of all the fields contents. 

fields stives to have readable and tutorial code. Take a look at the source code for Krig and mKrig to see how things work "under the hood". To load fields with the comments retained in the source use keep.source = TRUE in the library command. We also keep the source on-line: browse the directory for commented source. is a page for html formatted help files. (If you obtain the source version of the package (file ends in .gz) the commented source code is the R subdirectory.)