Data analysis and visualization

These analysis and visualization software packages, developed and supported by NCAR and CISL, are freely available for use on CISL-managed resources such as the Casper cluster.

  • NCAR Command Language (NCL) – An interpreted language that CISL designed for scientific data analysis and visualization.
  • NCAR Graphics – A Fortran- and C-based software package for scientific visualization.
  • PyNGL and PyNIO – Python packages that CISL developed for scientific visualization, file input/output, and data analysis.
  • VAPOR – Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers. An interactive 3D visualization environment developed by CISL in collaboration with U.C. Davis and Ohio State University.

Other software packages

Many additional software applications and tools that are commonly used by atmospheric and Earth systems scientists are available on NCAR HPC resources and through the CISL Research Data Archive.

Some of the tools you may find useful include: