SIParCS 2015- Seneza

Gaston Seneza, Philander Smith College

Pi in the Sky (Web Interface)

(Slides) (Recorded Talk)

Weather data collection and analysis is vital for earth climate studies. Approached with the problem of collecting and organising weather data at low cost, we decided to use the credit card sized Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) computers to tackle the problem. R-Pi clusters are flexible to a) collect weather data via sensors, b) host the obtained weather data on a cloud, c) organize the weather data on a database and d) host a web server that can provide access to the weather data. While our team worked on the overall project, the focus of my project over the summer was to host the web interface using R-Pi. Web Interface is the interaction between a user and software running on a server, referred to as a website. Using content management software, I developed a user-friendly website that facilitates users to select and view readings of weather parameters such as temperature, altitude, atmospheric pressure, humidity, etc. in different formats. The website facilitates a user to select a) time period and b) the desired weather parameters. Once the user selects both, a database is queried for the relevant data. The obtained data is then displayed on the website as plots or tables.

Mentors: Raghu Kumar and Rich Loft, CISL TDD