SIParCS 2015- Nelson

Whitney Nelson, Hampton University

Pi in the Sky (Scripts for Web Interface)

(Slides) (Recorded Talk)

Weather data collection and analysis is vital for earth climate studies. Approached with the problem of collecting and organizing weather data at low cost, we decided to use the credit card sized Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) computers to tackle the problem. R-Pi clusters are flexible to a) collect weather data via sensors, b) host the obtained weather data on a cloud, c) organize the weather data on a database and d) host a web server that can provide access to the weather data. While our team worked on the overall project, my role was to generate scripts for the user-server-database interactions. When a user requests data to the server, the request is serviced by a series of scripts performing different tasks. The first task is to create a connection to the database, where the weather data is stored. The second task is to transform the user request into an appropriate query based on user selection. Then, the query generated, after passing a validity test, is sent to the database server. Upon receiving the data from the database, it is again checked for validity. The final task is to format the received data for displaying as plot or tables.

Mentors: Raghu Kumar and Rich Loft, CISL TDD