SIParCS 2015- Bragg

Ian Bragg, Jacksonville State University

Pi in the Sky (Sensors)

(Slides) (Recorded Talk)

Weather data collection and analysis is vital for earth climate studies. Approached with the problem of collecting and organizing weather data at low cost, we decided to use the credit card sized Raspberry Pi (R-Pi) computers to tackle the problem. R-Pi clusters are flexible to a) collect weather data via sensors, b) host the obtained weather data on a cloud, c) organize the weather data on a database and d) host a web server that can provide access to the weather data. While our team worked on the overall project, this presentation focuses on the a) selection of weather sensors, b) assembly of the sensors on to R-Pi, c) program the sensors to collect, process and format data, and d) transmit the formatted data to a cloud. The selection and assembly of sensors are based on cost effectiveness and portability. After assembly, the weather data was collected periodically, sampled and then transmitted to the cloud for storage.

Mentors: Raghu Kumar and Rich Loft, CISL TDD