SIParCS 2016- Marjani Peterson

Marjani Peterson, Hampton University

Capstone Data Analysis Services: Microservices Early Implementation (Agile and Cloud)

(Slides)  (Recorded Talk)

Although climate and weather information are vital to research and decision-making in a wide variety of societally important contexts, it is difficult for scientists, resource managers, and concerned citizens to access and share the expert knowledge required for analyzing and drawing conclusions from weather and climate data. This project is focused on the design and development of a cloud-based application that facilitates an end-to-end public access to analyze atmospheric data. The project involved the research and development of: a) RESTful-based micro services and web-based user interfaces; b) generic workflow specification design, management, and execution; c) database technologies; d) scalable cloud-based computing and storage solutions; d) data analysis and integrity; and e) system security. This presentation focuses on how we used Scrum/Agile as a software development framework and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalable computational resources. The use of Agile a) provided organization and control of tasks priorities b) allowed a working product at the end of each work week; and c) helped with work distribution and exploration of individual expertise. The use of Amazon Web Services provided a) dynamic and scalable allocation of networking, computing and data storage resources in the cloud; b) cost-effective and reliable cloud-infrastructure with minimal management and maintenance overhead. The application of these resources allowed the development of a minimal cloud-based web application that executes a basic workflow on a weather data model.

Mentor: Eric Nienhouse, CISL