SIParCS 2016 - Ramesh Baral

Ramesh Baral, Florida International University

Capstone Data Analysis Services: Micro-services Early Implementation (Vision and Architecture)

(Slides)  (Recorded Talk)

Although climate and weather information are vital to research and decision-making in a wide variety of societally important contexts, it is difficult for scientists, resource managers, and concerned citizens to access and share the expert knowledge required for analyzing and drawing conclusions from weather and climate data. The atmospheric data analysis is essential for many activities, such as the infrastructure planning and investments. Despite its usefulness, the atmospheric data model is generally complex and is only accessible to the scientists and the experts in that area. It is pivotal to bridge the atmospheric data analytics to the broader audience. This project was focused on exploring the design and the development of a cloud-based web application that facilitates an end-to-end access to the atmospheric data analytics. The application was designed to provide a simple interface (web-based and RESTful API based) to the broader community. The project involved the research and the development of a system that comprises the following features: (a) the micro-services based on the RESTful API, (b) a web-based and API based user interface, (c) a generic and reproducible workflow specification design, management, and execution, (d) the persistence using the filesystem and database technologies, (e) a scalable cloud-based computing and storage solution; (f) the data integrity, and (g) the system security.

This presentation is especially focused on the vision of the system and its high-level architecture. It will focus on the motivation behind the system design; a brief overview of the system architecture; the workflow (specification, components, and design patterns); and the UI examples with the high-level overview of the RESTful API based micro-services.

Mentors: Eric Nienhouse, Seth McGinnis, Rich Loft, CISL