2014 Student Presentations



July 31


August 1



Welcome - Rich Loft


Welcome - Rich Loft

9:05     "Evaluating Coprocessor Effectiveness for the Data Assimilation Research Testbed"
Ye Feng
University of Wyoming
  "Multi-scale Probabilistic Modeling in Geospace Science"

Zachary Thomas
The Ohio State University
9:25     "HOMME Trace Analysis"

Fabrice Mizero
University of Virginia
  "Workload Characterization and Performance Assessment of Yellowstone Using XDMoD and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)"
Ying Yang
University of Buffalo
9:45     "Visualization of Air Quality Data in VAPOR"
Cesunica Ivey

Georgia Institute of Technology
  "Performance Benchmarking a Raspberry Pi Cluster"
Justin Moore
Salish Kootenai College


10:15     "Real Time Power and Performance Monitoring of Supercomputer Applications"
Shankar Prajapati
Claflin University
  "A HEVI Time-integration Scheme for Idealized Non-hydrostatic Compressable Atmosphere Flow"

Lei Bao
University of Colorado, Boulder
10:35     "Raspberry Pi Hadoop Cluster"
Lauren Patterson

Hampton University
  "Profiling Parallel Application Performance"
Thomas Gowan
Pennsylvania State University

10:55     "Accelerating the 'Fields' Package: Theory and Computation of Kriging Surfaces"
John Paige

Macalaster College
  "Optimizing Efficiency of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center Facility"

Theophile Nsengimana
Philander Smith College
11:15     "Accelerating the 'Fields' Package: Using Parallel Linear Algebra Software"
Isaac Lyngaas

South Dakota State University
  "Optimizing Efficiency of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center Facility"
Ademola Olarinde
Texas A&M University, Kingsville


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