SIParCS - Intern Presentations 2011

                                        2011 SIParCS Intern Presentations 


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Welcome - Rich Loft


Welcome- Rich Loft


Welcome - Rich Loft


Welcome - Rich Loft

1:05   Machine Learning for Application Optimization with cTuning
William Petzke
University of Colorado Denver
  Petascale Security Challenges
Christian Servin
University of Texas
at El Paso
  Requirements Analysis for 3D Ocean Data Visualization using VAPOR
Karamjeet Khalsa
University of Colorado Boulder
  Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Analyze High Performance Computing Environments
Jared Baker
University of Wyoming 
1:25   Energy Efficiency Display
Emerson Hannon
Villanova University
  Source-source Translators with Respect to Climate Models
Thiyagarajan Chockalingam
Colorado State University
  Increasing Efficiency and Portability of cTuning, a Machine Learning Self-Tuning Compiler
Santosh Sarangkar
Texas State University
  A Ramdisk Provisioning Service for High
Performance Data Analysis
Allan Espinosa
University of Chicago 
1:45    Increasing Performance of the NCAR Command Language via Parallel Processing
Christopher Kruse
University of North Dakota
  A Statistical Analysis of Model Simulated Global Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Indices
Rachel Fahrenholtz
Iowa State University
  Non-oscillatory Numerical Schemes for Conservation Laws on the Cubed Sphere
Yifan Zhang

Brown University
  Implementing a New Suite of Remapping Functions within NCL
Mohammad Abouali
San Diego State University
2:05   Evaluating the Use of Parallel Debuggers to Resolve Software Bugs in Parallel Codes
Stephanie Dinkins
Colorado State
  Performance Comparison between MPI and AMPI
Rabin Ranabhat
Loras College
  Data-Intensive Cluster Development
Dmitry Duplyakin
University of Colorado, Boulder
  Quality Control and Automatic Outlier Detection of Atmospheric Radiosonde Measurements
Ashley Bell
Ithaca College
2:25   Support for Emerging Climate and Forecast Grid Conventions in the Earth System Modeling Framework
Anthony Wong
University of Colorado, Boulder


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