SIParCS - UCAR Open Hire

Important Applicant Registration Instructions:

  • Select 'New Resume/CV' button.
  • Select the 'Proceed without resume' (then click Continue).
  • Complete Step 1 - Contact Information (then click Continue).
  • Complete Step 2 - Work Authorization Status (then click Continue).
  • Complete Step 3 - Additional Information (Desired pay) (Enter 'x' then click Continue).
  • Skip Step 4 - Profile Attachments (simply click CONTINUE to go to step 5).
  • Skip Step 5 - Resume/Content (simply click CONTINUE to go to Step 6).
  • Complete Step 6: - Voluntary Self-Identification (then click Continue to finalize your registration).
  • After registration is complete, simply click on the 'X' at the bottom-right of this window to return to the SIParCS site.