Evaluating the Performance of the Community Atmosphere Model at High Resolutions

08/02/2013 - 4:15am to 4:35am
ML - Main Seminar Room
Soumi Manna


The Community Atmosphere Model (CAM5) is one of the multiple component models in the Community Earth System Model (CESM). Recently, efforts have been focused on increasing the resolution of CAM5 to produce more accurate predictions. Additionally, new developments have enabled the use of mesh refinement in CAM5 through the High-Order Method Modeling Environment (HOMME) dynamical core. These meshes allow for regions with extremely high-resolution and produce a challenge to the current parallel domain decomposition algorithm.

In this project, we focus on analyzing the performance of HOMME on high and variable resolutions. We investigate the quality of domain decompositions produced by space-filling curve algorithms for refined and unrefined meshes. Additionally, we evaluate performance metrics of realistic simulations on these meshes using the automatic trace analysis tool Scalasca. By correlating performance bottlenecks with geometric mesh information, we identify sub-optimal properties of the domain decompositions and work to address this behavior. Improving the quality of these decompositions will increase the scalability of simulations at these resolutions enhancing their scientific impact.