SIParCS 2022 - Sabira Duishebaeva

Sabira Duishebaeva, Berea College

Sabira Duishebaeva, Berea College

Developing a Scientific Data Search Engine: Features & Results

Recorded Talk

External scientists and users find it difficult to search across NCAR’s diverse scientific data holdings. While we have a current search system that aggregates these data holdings, we are experimenting with a different approach. This project is focused on moving a new Java based web-application towards deployment.

This presentation is going to focus on showcasing the enhancements that were added to our current web application. These enhancements include search facets that would enable the end-users to be able to categorize the data by resource type. In addition to this, I will demonstrate how validating data allows only valid and complete data to be visible in the search results.

From the more front-end side of the work, I will showcase some of the user interface enhancements that were added to our search web application. These changes allowed our front end to be more responsive to both large and small screen internet enabled devices. On top of that, we have enabled a feature that will make sure search engines can find and crawl our website’s most important pages and data. Concluding the presentation, I will talk about where we are at the end of this internship and what I think can be done to improve our search engine further. which would include adding more faceting options, sending notifications to the scientists when invalid metadata records are detected etc.

Mentors: Nathan Hook, Saquib Aziz Khan, Eric Nienhouse

Slides and poster