SIParCS 2022 - James Morley

James Morley, Utah Valley University

James Morley, Utah Valley University

Project Pythia Content Creation - A Intake Cookbook

Recorded Talk

A main goal of Project Pythia is to provide educational resources to teach geoscientists how they can use scientific and cloud computing in their research. An emphasis has been made by the Project Pythia community to develop domain specific instruction, in the form of Jupyter Books called "cookbooks". Cookbooks are meant to build on and expand foundational content already available in the Project Pythia Foundations Book. This presentation demonstrates the process used to make a cookbook to teach how to access data and create catalogs using Intake - a Python library used by the Pangeo community. It also introduces a new plugin for Intake that allows documenting data stored in Intake catalogs using markdown sources.

Mentors: Julia Kent, Drew Camron, Brian Rose

Slides and poster