SIParCS 2022 - Francesgladys Pulido

Francesgladys Pulido, Pennsylvania State University

Francesgladys Pulido, Pennsylvania State University

The CODE Intern Who Didn't Need To Code To Make An Impact: Crafting Community As A Stepping Stone For Discovery For SIParCS Interns

Recorded Talk

The CISL Outreach, Diversity, and Education (CODE) internship brings forth a unique opportunity for the designated intern to gain generalist experience that ultimately crafts meaningful and intentional summer experiences for the SIParCS program. This presentation will highlight the experience of what it was like being a generalist intern. The position has been impacted by external influences such as the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing current events, impacting various functions. Yet, through challenges, this summer proved that when purpose and planning are at the foundation of any goal, the CODE internship is structured to bring critical thinking and resolution focused results to any presented challenge. In the ever-evolving field of Student Affairs, generalist opportunities like this have been seen to bring experts from various fields and disciplines into different academic frontiers and student affairs spaces. It is opportunities like the CODE internship that equip aspiring professionals with transferable skills that can be utilized in various capacities. When it comes to generalist opportunities to make a meaningful impact in fields other than our expertise, this internship illustrates the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration and how it can amplify the success of the students we work with. This specific internship did not require a STEM educational background and significantly validates the contributions of the education discipline to scientific communities such as the ones at NCAR/UCAR.

Mentors: Virginia Do, AJ Lauer, Agbeli Ameko