SIParCS 2021 - Reid Olson

Reid Olson

Reid Olson (he/him/his), University of Wyoming

Pi-WRF 3.0: Incorporating Jupyter Notebook

Recorded Talk

This project set out to develop educational modules and activities around running a real weather model on a Raspberry Pi to make a weather forecast. Users can run the simulation for specified days, aerial coverage, visualize the output, and make a forecast. During the planning and early development stages, the focus shifted to revising the existing Pi-WRF project towards a community driven framework. This new framework provides a more accessible user interface for interacting with the weather model and modifying or developing modules. The new framework connects Jupyter Notebooks to the existing Weather Researchand Forecasting (WRF) model running on a Raspberry Pi.

Mentors: Agbeli Ameko & Keith Maull

Slides and poster