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Use the ExtraView system to request NETS services, including phone or data network port installation or removal
Telephones & Voicemail UCAR telephones use the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Cisco IP phones which are configurable via a web interface
Wireless Network Wireless networking is available in conference rooms at all UCAR campuses and all office areas
Port lists Lists that show UCAR machine names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, switch ports and VLANs
Network statistics Network performance statistics
Front Range Gigapop (FRGP) NETS provides high-bandwidth Internet connectivity in collaboration with institutions along the Denver/Boulder area front range
Bi-State Optical Network (BiSON) BiSON is a collaboration of research and educational institutions in Colorado and Wyoming that utilize fiber optic links for high-speed optical networking.
Western Region Network (WRN) WRN is a multi-state partnership to provide high-speed networking between Colorado, Washington, New Mexico California.
NETS web pages

CISL's Network Engineering and Telecommunications Section (NETS) maintains web pages that describe most of NETS activities.