Multiple copies

Making a copy | Overwriting a copy

When you put a file in HPSS, one copy is stored on tape by default. The tape archive is highly reliable, but you may decide that you want to store a second copy of certain critical files.

Should you decide that is necessary, contact CISL to request creation of a special backup space in HPSS.

CISL will need the following information to fulfill your request:

  • owner's username
  • UNIX group name (e.g., ncar)
  • permissions (e.g., 700)
  • sticky bit on or off
  • project code

Primary and second copies are stored on separate tape cartridges.

Making a copy

Once you are notified that your additional backup space is ready, use your cp command to make a second copy of a file that you have stored in HPSS.

In this example, you have started an HSI session and are copying filename from your home directory to the new backup space.

[HSI]/home/username-> cp filename /FS/UC/username

You will be the owner of the file in your /FS/UC/ space.

When you use the cp command, by default the copies you make will be associated with your primary group and your default project code, which is used for charging purposes. If you want them to be associated with a non-default group or project, change your effective group name and project code for the HSI session before you make the copies. If necessary, you can change them later by using chgrp and then the chacct command.

Overwriting a copy

To overwrite a file that you have stored in your /FS/UC/ backup space, use the cp command but do not specify the name of the target file, just the target directory.

If you are sure that you want to overwrite a file that you saved previously, follow this example, in which you have started an HSI session:

[HSI]/home/username-> cp filename /FS/UC/username


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