Confirming HPSS transfers

Use the ls -l and ls -lU commands as shown below to confirm that your HSI or HTAR transfer request was submitted properly and that the file or files have been archived successfully in HPSS. You can do a similar comparison when retrieving files by reversing this process.

Submit your HSI or HTAR transfer command. Then, in your source directory, run ls -l with the filename.

ls -l filename

The output will look something like this example, indicating the file’s size (54,498) and the date and time of the most recent update.

-rw-r--r-- 1 username ncar 54,498 Sep  17 10:15 filename

Next, run the ls -lU command in HSI.

hsi ls -lU filename

The output indicates that the file is either in the disk cache (DISK) or that it has migrated to tape storage (TAPE). Comparing the file size confirms that it was copied successfully.  

-rw-r----- 1 username ncar 2011 SCSG0001 DISK  54,498 Sep 17 10:15 filename

In most cases, the file is copied to disk within moments of your entering the transfer command. How soon it is transferred from the disk cache to tape depends on system load, the time you submit the transfer request, and where the system is in its hourly migration run.

Advanced users who want such confirmation routinely can include the necessary commands in a script.

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