Globus authentication and credential lifetime

The default credential lifetime when a Globus user authenticates to access an endpoint in this environment is 24 hours. There are two ways to minimize how often you need to authenticate manually:

  1. Extend the credential lifetime up to 720 hours (30 days) as described below.
  2. Automate the endpoint activation process by configuring Globus for unattended workflows.

Extending credential lifetime: web interface

When you are prompted to authenticate, click the "advanced" link.

Enter the number of hours in the "Credential Lifetime" field, then authenticate.

credential lifetime screenClick to enlarge.

Extending credential lifetime: command line interface

Use the --myproxy-lifetime option as shown below when you run the globus endpoint activate command, substituting your own endpoint ID for ENDPOINT.

globus endpoint activate --no-autoactivate --myproxy --myproxy-lifetime 720 ENDPOINT



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