Request for GLADE project disk space

Project file spaces may be requested for needs greater than 500GB. File space will be given based on the project need, allocation type, and resource availability. The justification for the project space should describe how the requested space size was determined and why other available resources (such as /glade/scratch and /glade/work) are not well suited for the project's needs.

All project space awards will be time limited and will be reviewed annually. You will need to provide a primary point of contact for the space who will be responsible for managing the usage of the file space. Once your request has been reviewed we will contact you to discuss available options.

By requesting this space you agree to the following Terms & Conditions of use.

  1. CISL will NOT provide automated backups of your data space.
  2. CISL will send you a reminder 30 days before your allocation expiration date.
  3. When your allocation has expired, CISL will delete all data and remove your space. You are responsible for saving any data that you need to retain before your allocation expires.
  4. You may request an extension of your allocation during this 30-day time period.
Who will be the primary point of contact for this project space?
Please provide a brief justification for the GLADE space requested, including how the size was determined and why other resources at CISL (e.g., /glade/scratch and HPSS) are not well suited to the project's needs.
How large a file space do you need?
For how long will you need the space? Provide starting and ending dates.
Who are the additional users who will need access?