FileZilla client software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users, with similar graphical user interfaces.

Download the version that you prefer from the FileZilla site and install it on your local machine.

Follow the procedures shown here to connect to one of the computing systems that CISL manages so you can copy files as needed between your local machine and your GLADE file spaces.

Start FileZilla, then select Site Manager from the File menu.

FileZilla Site Manager

Enter "" in the Host field.

Select SFTP for the protocol.

Logon type should be Ask for password.

Enter your username in the User field.

Click Connect.

FileZilla login screen

In the password field, enter your PIN and one-time password by following your YubiKey token or CRYPTOCard keypad procedures. You will connect to the remote system. Do not check "Remember password for this session."

FileZilla main screen

Your screen will display the contents of your local system (left) and the remote home directory (right). At that point, you can execute your file transfers using typical Windows commands and tools.

You may need to authenticate each time you make a transfer.

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