BBCP is a multi-streaming utility recommended for transferring large files. It splits the files into multiple streams that are transferred simultaneously, so it is faster than the single-streaming SCP and SFTP utilities.

To make transfers with BBCP, it must be installed on all the systems where you want to use it. On some computers—your local machine, for example—you may need to install BBCP yourself, but it is already installed on the NCAR systems that CISL manages.

Transfer examples

To transfer a file from the NCAR system to a remote system that uses bbcp, follow this example. The "target" is the intended pathname of the file you are transferring.

bbcp -w 4m -s 16 filename

To transfer a file from the remote system to GLADE, use one of the four data-access nodes (data-access1-4). Replace "target" with the intended pathname of the file you are transferring—for example, /glade/u/home/username/filename.

bbcp -w 4m -s 16 -V -D filename

Detailed documentation

For complete details, see the official BBCP man page and the supplemental information on Using BBCP.


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