FFTPACK 5.1 - A Fortran77 library of fast Fourier transforms

A spectral analysis plot based on transformed data.



Library FFTPACK 5.1 contains 1D, 2D, and multiple fast Fourier subroutines, written in Fortran 77, for transforming real and complex data, real even and odd wave data, and real even and odd quarter-wave data. The FFTPACK 5.1 routines are grouped in triplets e.g. {CFFT1I, CFFT1F, CFFT1B} where suffix I denotes initialize, F forward (as in forward transform) and B backward. In an application program, before calling B or F routines for the first time, or before calling them with a different length, users must initialize an array by calling the I routine of the appropriate pair or triplet. Initialization routines need not be called each time before a B or F routine is called.

All of the transform routines in FFTPACK 5.1 are normalized.

Error messages are written to unit 6 by routine XERFFT. The standard version of XERFFT issues an error message and halts execution, so that no FFTPACK 5.1 routine will return to the calling program with error return IER different than zero. Users may consider modifying the STOP statement in order to call system-specific exception-handling facilities.


The internal implementation of the FFTPACK 5.1 routines does not always conform to the Fortran standard.


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FFTPACK5, Copyright (C) 2004-2011, Computational Information Systems Laboratory, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research